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New Lease of Life

So I’ve finally got round to updating my blog. It still needs some tweaking, but I’ll have to fit that in around life, which is pleasingly busy at the moment.

I’ve been awful at keeping my online presence together over the past year. But I need to keep documenting all the work that’s going on. For my own sake more than anything. I love looking back over old work, seeing the progression and working out what factors have influenced which pieces work.

I like having a nice place throw up odd bits of personal work. I think the work I do on my own time is probably the most important from a educational perspective. If I don’t keep experimenting then I won’t keep learning, and if I don’t keep learning, then I’ll never get to where I want to be.

I feel like a lot’s clicking into place lately and I just need to keep some momentum and move forward. So yeah, new layout, bigger images, bigger ideas, same little ruffian behind the scenes.