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First Food Shoot

A couple of weeks ago I assisted on my first food shoot. I’d never really looked into food photography before, but it’s pretty interesting… and pretty weird. We ( were shooting recipes involving ice cream, not the easiest of substances to work with.

Everything has to be done in such a meticulous manner and so darn quickly. You literally get 20-30 seconds to shoot before there’s just a puddle left in the viewfinder! But we booked in a real good food stylist called Kate Wesson and she had loads of odd tricks to keep things rolling smoothly. Good food stylists are like gold-dust though. It’s so hard to book stylists in, especially at short notice. I might re-train!

It was a busy old day, 12 shots to get down, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but when you’re shooting this kind of product it’s a big ask! We had to get a couple of shots of each recipe so we had two separate lighting setups on the go. Good job there’s plenty of room in the studio! I did a lot of swapping triggers that day!

The client paid for some pretty cool stuff though. We had a refrigerated truck sat outside with loads of product stored in the back. We had a nice little budget for picking up all the ingredients too, most of which were alcoholic! I think I had half of Selfridges running round bringing me obscure liqueurs! If I liked shopping then I imagine that side of shoots would be a treat… unfortunately shopping and I don’t get along so well.

Anyway, here are a couple of shots I took from behind the scenes. I’ve taken to throwing a spare Pocket Wizard on my camera and hijacking the lights! Gets some great documentation.


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