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West Fest 2010 Time-Lapse

Finally able to post up this time-lapse video we produced for West Fest 2010 in West Didsbury Manchester. There’s a great community of local business and residents in West Didsbury and it was an absolute pleasure to get involved. You can see from the video just how popular the weekend was. Great atmosphere all round town.

Ed ( and myself shot this on two stills cameras and I put together the edit. I dread to think how many thousands of frames we took over the course of the Saturday. It was a great day though, real consistent light which is a godsend for time-lapse shooting.

What’s nice about this is that it’s shot in Didsbury, by photographers based in Didsbury, with music by the Gypsies of Bohemia… from Didsbury. Hell, the band even played at Silver Apples on the Sunday night of the festival. Real local fare.

My favourite sequence starts at about 27 seconds. The movements of that woman at the Cake stand just works so well at this speed. But I enjoyed filming a few chickens first thing in the morning too!

For more information on the festival and on West Didsbury, visit the official West Fest site here.


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    November 26, 2010 at 7:07 pm

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