Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

Miniature stars and Action Man jeeps


...more daylight in which to ride my bike please

I’m not a massive fan of this winter lark…well I mean I am a massive fan…but only when it involves snow and mountains….this darkness lark is rubbish. One day someone really clever is going to invent a miniature star that follows us around to make the winter a little brighter, a little warmer and a lot more bearable. Obviously there might be certain drawbacks accompanying a super-dense, super-heated, horrendously volatile ‘mini-sun’…but someone can invent an iPhone app to keep an eye on it I’m sure. Aaaaanyway…



I’ve been spending too much of my time pining after snow lately. I need to get it into my head that I can’t spend all winter working eighty hour weeks playing in the snow. I’m a grown up now. Except grown ups are rubbish. Why would you voluntarily give up toys?  I had an amazing Action Man jeep. It fired rockets and had a fold down windscreen. I must have pestered my parents faces off for it…probably went on hunger strike or reported them to Child Line. So I don’t really understand what could have happened in my life to warrant the voluntary relinquishment of such a prized possession. I can only assume that growing up brings on an acute form of madness where one feels the need to swap brilliant toys for decorative cushions, pot-plants and excessively large bottle openers. Anyway, as it’s not yet snow o’clock in europe, I have resorted to drawing things related to snow, namely pretty girls with goggles on. It’s a tenuous link I’ll admit… but it’s my tenuous link and I lost my Action Man jeep so have some sympathy.


On a serious note (and without spurious tangents) there is literally too much brilliant free music available. What with Mixcloud, Spotify, Last FM etc. there’s an absolute glut of! tune-idge! Of note is Erol Alkans ‘A bugged in mix’ brilliant relaxed psychedelia! I’ve been trawling though loads of artists I haven’t listened to for a while on Spotify. I’d forgotten how good Sage Francis was, especially The Human Death Dance album, and especially especially track 12 Black Out on White Night. Immense. I might even make a playlist for whoever it is that reads this. Who are you? Someone’s searching my name on google and it’s not me…I know my name off by heart and everything. Probably my nan, I bet she’s got a secret a computer hidden away…no one can spend that much time assembling jigsaw puzzles. Bye bye for now


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