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Good Afternoon

Blimey! It’s been a long old while since updated this here dilapidated blog! I’ve been distracted by a veritable communication overload of late. After a some shocking problems with my old web hosting provider I took the opportunity to get a new site up and running which now resides at Do feel free to have a gander. I finally got sucked into using Twitter occasionally and I’ve been trying out the rather lovely Cargo too. You may check out my Cargo site here if you so wish. Really amazing platform – does what it says on the tin…beautifully.



In other news, I’ve gone fully self-employed now! My life is well and truly in my own hands which is somewhat terrifying, but maybe, just maybe things will work out. So if anyone reading this is in the market for a feast of visual delectability then please get in touch! Recent projects have involved product logos, labels and some signage for the Alcohol Free Shop. Lovely folk. While I’m more than happy on the creative side of things, running a business is a whole new world to me, but I got in touch with Business Link and they’ve been brilliant offering excellent one to one advice and guidance for absolutely zero pennies. Great source of information for anyone going it alone.

Business Link even sorted me out with some extra storage...and more importantly a set of accounts!

Business Link even sorted me out with some extra storage...and more importantly a set of accounts!

I seem to have included a whole load more links than usual(ZeRo)! So while I’m at it, I’ve been enjoying the various mixes over at Kitsune Noir. I’m tired of my music at the moment, so it’s nice to get a new selection laid out on a plate. Right, I’m awwwf to do some work before maybe enjoying some of this fine autumn sunshine. Toodle Pip


Lovely day. Not-so-lovely face


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