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funAndyGraft graft graft! That’s the theme for this month! I’m on a mission, sifting through old work, trying to piece together my new portfolio. A year ago it was all about eeking out what little was available. Now there’s more than enough to get confusing! I must be averaging a good 15 hours per day! I quite like it though but I need to keep focused. I keep veering off on tangents. “Oooh now if I learn all about this javascript I’ll be able to make pixels dance. Why I can be like a digital Pied Piper. Come hither my binary friends!” Of course then I just spend a few hours getting confused…occasionally producing something of use through a much greater measure of luck than judgement. Hmm, I might go and draw some scales now. Luck is weightier for the young. Whereas judgement weights heavy on the silver thronged cranium of the old. Yes, this may work. It will more than likely be consigned to a distant hard-drive, but it shall be nonetheless. I think this level of thought mis-management is a good indicator of a need for some rest now. Out


One response

  1. good luck with that, your portfolio will be bomber.

    December 25, 2009 at 4:07 pm

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