Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

destructive times…

…have been had lately. There’s been a bit less work on over the past two weeks which has been nice, but paved the way for far too much partying! I think there have been 3 nights off in the last 12 and it’s all taken its toll on my mind and body. I’ve been boarding hard too. There have however been a few little breakthroughs, the girl, riding switch properly, clean 360’s, methods, big rails, loosing the girl…etc etc. I’ve got an awful lot of scabs and bruises to show for my exploits too.

We had a road trip over to Chamonix on wednesday for the Boss Des Bosses. It’s this big ol’ inter resort competition. Seasonnaires from resorts across the alps come together to drink beer, ski moguls and pull airs. The apres was awesome, and dominated by us boys and girls from Verbier. There were bus loads upon bus loads of us out to represent! I was proud for a while…then I was bleeding…crowd surfing incident. Perf. 


...the legend that is Glen Plake!




In other news, I’m working on some end of season clothing designs for Ski Verbier…



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