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Packin’ up & shippin’ out


I finished up at the agency yesterday. I’ll miss the biscuits, terrible films, swearing at each other and having two monitors. They bought me a spangly new camera as a leaving gift…and a card that read ‘Good Fucking Luck’. I was chuffed. Today I packed up all my worldly belongings (mostly bits of bikes) and left the flat in Manchester. A week on Tuesday I’m flying out to Switzerland. I’ve got a week to chill now and get everything sorted for 5 months in the snow. I’m gonna track down some waves this week…probably some horrible, blown out, freezing cold, button-mushroom-producing waves. Lovely.


...time to dust off the quiver!? This little fish is the funnest board in the world. ever. fact.


One response

  1. Man, its like you do a little of everything! Good luck in Switzerland. e&b looks forward to updates.

    November 24, 2008 at 2:07 am

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