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The Exmoor Beast

I had a rather dirty weekend! Myself and a friend signed up for the ‘Exmoor Beast’ cyclosportive. You can choose to enjoy either 100 miles or 100 kilometers of hills upon hills upon hills! I entered the 100 mile, but missed the cut-off so ended up doing the 100Km route. There’s no way I would’ve finished the extra 30 miles before either darkness or tiredness took me though. We really weren’t expecting so much climbing…absolutely nails! Naturally I hadn’t paid any attention to the route profile, turns out there was 7267 feet of climbing involved! I was just like “pssh it’ll be fine, we’ll just get in a group and draft”.  Alas there wasn’t all that much opportunity for cheating the wind! We’d ridden with a fairly fast paced group for the first thirty miles or so, which got some distance under our belts but left me somewhat depleted. On a big climb out of Lynmouth at about 45 miles my legs just went. It all got decidedly wet, cold and lactically acidic! On a positive note, I managed to get out of the  mudbath/carpark without the aid of a tractor. I came in 322nd out of 731 competitors in the 100km.

...looks like an alpine stage of the Tour!


2 responses

  1. damn…looks like the wheels got put through some motions. those experiences are killer though.

    November 7, 2008 at 5:39 am

  2. andrewlewiscampbell

    haha, yeah…I guess. Nah, it was good in a way, made me realise I’ve gotten a bit soft! I find the occasional dose of suffering is essential in building a strong, well-rounded gentleman, fit to be a pillar of modern society. Pain in the arse cleaning my bike after mind!

    November 7, 2008 at 10:27 am

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