Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

fish and sawdust…

how quaint...

There’s a lot of raggedly dressed extras, shire horses security guards and paparrazi on the streets around our studio. They’re filming the new Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes film I believe. I was hoping to see a big fiery explosion or some stars or something, but it’s mostly just old carts and sawdust! For some reason everything smells of fish down there too! Ah well, makes the dinner-time stroll a little more interesting. bash


joomla made my morning look like this 😦

I would also like to note my almost (but not quite) unutterable distaste for Joomla (a stupid, horrible, beast of a content management system). All I’m doing is setting up a simple website backend for a games developer, but I’ve been asked to use Joomla which makes everything friggin’ awkward! Why can’t Joomla be more like lovely WordPress. I ♥ WordPress.


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