Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

Black Kids & Annie Mac @ The Warehouse Project

Went to the Warehouse Project for the first time on saturday. It’s a series of gig’s/raves underneath some old railway arches in Manchester. It was mad and super fun. The Black Kids were playing, then Annie Mac did a headline set later on. There was a bit of Rage Against the Machine tucked in there! I remember trying to find some really short girls friends for her in the crowd. Bless. I got a bit bored and walked off. I wore some white jeans to mark the occasion. R.I.P. little white jeans.  There were a lot of glow sticks. I had glow sticks in my shoes. They vanished pretty quickly. Some girl came up to us, muttered “got any coke”, then casually threw up on our feet and carried on dancing. It was pretty funny. Everyone seemed really chilled and friendly. I’d been expecting some drug-fuelled paranoia-fest, alas I’m just ignorant as usual. Ended up walking back in the rain, booting puddles at each other as dawn approached! Bought loads o’ crisps. Top Banana!


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