Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

where did all the lovely time go?

..seriously, I have none at the moment. I woke up late for work this morning, having absolutely zero recollection of either of my alarm clocks calling me forth from my deep slumber. I ran to work, where I began to plough through ad schedules for the next 10 and a bit hours, stopping briefly to heat some soup and pour some water. Then it’s home to eat, shower and get back into bed. Poppy cock! I want to go out on my bike or go running and maybe edit some photos or doodle something rubbish! I hate waking up late, It’s so bloody unproductive! I have some rather interesting photos of a somewhat excentric garden…at somepoint I imagine I shall get round to publishing them in some manner.

I spent some time with my grandparents at the weekend. Now they have plenty of free time! They also have lovely cups. I always get given the one with the stallion. My grandad always gives my nan the prettiest and daintiest of the cups. He places it on a saucer and always serves her first. I think this is his way of saying ‘I love you’.


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