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The Illusive Subrosa Fixie

It would appear that many a lost hipster has found their way to my blog in search of this fabled Subrosa fixed gear which was seen at Interbike (vid here). I find this surprising as I’d imagine you courier types would be good at maps(I love the phrase ‘good at maps’, it’s so horrifically delectable). I’ll spare you the trouble of looking…you wont find anything new…except for this super-exclusive-mega-HD-screen-grab image:

pretty high-res huh!

Note Hoang Tran in the background being all loving to those there unsuspecting saddles!

So yeah, blame all these infinitecimal tags that are making the internet their home, breeding and plotting and laughing at us. I bet they have little tag parties, discussing where to send unwhitting browsers of the ether. You see I ride a Subrosa bmx and occasionally spread my thoughts on cycling in general, which sometimes includes you cool kids on fixies, these combined factors obviously create a hotbed of cross-tag-copulation!

All I can say is that Subrosa make darned good bikes. My Salvador is bloody lovely, super smooth, plenty strengthy and pretty light. I imagine the fixie they produce will be pretty rad. I still don’t really go in for this fixed gear stuff, but if I did then I’d probably be excited about this turn of events. I’m guessing Colagno – for all their herritage – never got too clued up on making bikes for throwing around y’know!

As a final insight, here is Subrosa team rider Hoang Tran performing airbourne cunnilingus yet again. I think he might have issues…but he rides bikes in a manner that I find visually appealing.

check out Liz Hurley's younger sister on the right! A mighty present for the younger generaltion

check out the Liz Hurley clone on the right!!! A mighty present for our younger generation!

…umm yeah, check out Subrosa anywhoo, they make bikes that make me happy.


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