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Mr. Campbell’s supa-light, sit tight backpack…

We hit the BMX track (thankfully I don’t mean this literally on this occasion) on friday eve. We took nothing with us, I mean backpacks are a pain. Sure it would be nice to carry some water, maybe a snack, maybe even some tools y’know, but then I’d have stuff rattling around on my back all the way there. I hate having anything moving around on my back, it’s such a pain! Every fun little hop turns into some horrid spinal re-alignment when the contents of my bag eventually submits to gravity. The worst is if I ride to work with my camera and strobes…I’m forced into some horrible mental arrithmetic:

Jumping Stairs=Fun^( SetHeightxRotation)-SorrowOfCameraSmash^(LensesDestroyedxPiecesOfFlash^3)

umm yes, anyway…the session at the track ended up with both of us having loose rear wheels, which is just brilliant. I mean that’s exactly what you need to inspire confidence, a slack chain and a wheel ready to drop off after suitable damage has been inflicted on your frame. Then jamie punctured on the way home and guess what we had with us to fix it…nout.

So…I want to construct some sort of backpack that’s actually wearable when riding. It needs:

  • Some kind of dense cushioning to protect spine
  • A hefty layer of flexible impenatrability beneath this cushioning to spread the impact of sharp things over a wider surface area
  • Some kind of elasticated yet strong compression system to cinch everything into place to avoid rattling and the damage it causes to my stuff
  • Secure straps including  chest and waist huggers to stop rotation
  • An expandable area of mesh or similar to devour helmets and clothes!

I mean, so many packs cover most of this stuff but the most important things are the compression system and some back protection. Actually sod it, I’d be happy with a bacpack that just held everything tight…so compression…thats all I want. Not four straps in the corners to cover the contents in banana mush, but like a whole membrane that pulls super tight. I’d love it, be so good for bike, snowsports, climbing, running…anything where enough movement is involved. But still, some burly protection makes sense. I’ve a friend who broke his back in the alps with help from a water bottle in his pack. Now how many peope carry avalance probes, transcievers and snow shovels in backpacks to ‘protect’ them whilst doing cliff drops and hitting mahoosive kickers!? “How would you like your bed made up Sir?”…”ah shovels and plastic bricks ‘ul do just fine ta”.

Surely i’m not alone in my hatred of rattling packs or hydration bladders next to camera’s next to rapidly appoaching earth!?


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