Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

Mike Giant makes me want…

© Mike Giant

…ink! I love this guys work. Mike Giant. His style is just great, super clean linework and really bold designs…beautiful. What i’d give to have his inking ability! I’d seen some of his work somewhere a while ago, but it was uncredited and I’ve been trying to find out who it was since. Yesterday we found a nice illustration book and his work jumped out from between the pages…score. But then this morning I caught one of his T-shirts on Trackosaurus Rex too, along with his name and website and all that jazz that i’d been after. Just like buses, nothing for ages then a couple come along at once!

He sells various wares toting his art through Rebel8. Lots of nice gear. I really want to get hold of some tee’s but I don’t wanna shell out $30 for shipping to the UK! I might have to cajoule others into buying some goodness. Anyway, check out Mike Giant. He makes my eyes happy.

© Mike Giant


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