Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer


I strayed upon the Macneil site a while ago now. I reckon it’s a pretty perfect example of an online presence for any kind of sports/lifestyle brand. It does exactly what it needs to in a proficient, concise manner, whilst being super aesthic. It’s just great. There’s no pretense, but plenty of pride, and no bull-shit, but plenty of information. There’s great content (check out the video page if you’re into bmx) and it all kinda retains a very personal feel.

Another thing I love is that the front page is in a straightforward blog format. I like being able to see whats new when I visit a site, without having to mooch around y’know. I really don’t understand why more people aren’t being blog-centric. The internet is predominantly a content based medium, it’s not particularly experiential for most people. Anyway, personally, I think regularly updated, blog-oriented sites like this are the way forward…especially when they’re designed this well and feature such down-to-earth yet enjoyable content. Go check out Macneil y’hear!


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