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I think i’m in love…

The delectable Miss. Marling

I caught a bit of the Mercury Prize ceremony last night and whitnessed the gorgeous Laura Marling for the first time. Her voice is rather sumptuous to say the least! I love the folky vocals and fiddles, I guess her sound has an almost Irish lilt. Some of the songs i’ve listened to this morning feel really haunting. ‘Night Terror’ feels particularly coarse. Anyway, I just bought her debut album ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’ on my lunch ( I never bother to buy CD’s as a rule), so i’m hoping it’s all as lovely. Time for work and tunes….

UPDATE: 18 September 08 /// I’ve been listening to the album for just over a week now. I bloody love the tracks ‘Night Terror’ and ‘The Captain and the Hourglass’, the later being my favourite by a long shot. My opinion of the rest of the album has mellowed a little, but it’s still awight like.


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