Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

Can’t get no sleep

I can’t sleep yet again. I have the most screwed up sleeping pattern in the world. The problem is that whenever I go to bed, I start thinking…and then I get pondering something…and then I usually get confused, which all leads to me feeling rather narked and rather less sleepy. At least I can now waste these sleep deprived hours on the internet. We got internet in our flat tonight…after 9 months without!

I’ve been riding a bit more that last few days. 3 rides in 4 days, but only about 60-70 miles racked up in total. I’m trying to break myself back in. I went home for the weekend and took the bike as there’s some nice little hills and quiet lanes nearby. I felt ok really. I’m glad theres some strength left in my legs from all the winter training. I might do a time trial on thursday if I can get out of work a bit early. All this olympic cycling coverage is re-kindling my interest. British Cycling is on the gravy train for sure (whatever a gravy train is!) …super impressive results. I’m looking forward to seeing Cavendish in the Madison, just to see what happens. I couldn’t believe his performance in the tour, just crazy. I love seeing riders coming through and making a name like that, really inspiring.

sod this…I need some sleep


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