Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

This weekend has been right bleedin’ good. Seen some friends, drunk some drinks, slept on a bathroom floor, ate some biscuits, rode some bmx. I blew my rear tyre trying to jump some steps which was mildly annoying. Then my flatmate blew his tyre doing pretty much the same thing a day later, which was mildy amusing. I love blasting round on bikes. Went out on my road bike after work t’other day, started raining as soon as I left the garage. Typical. I just went for a mad half hour, sprinting round town at rush hour. I love charging round the city centre when it’s busy. I like racing cars, dodging buses and seeing whats happening.

Slow day at work today…real slow. I want to go ride my bmx but its peeing it down outside as usual. hmmph. Made some business cards for one of our guys I’ve never met…who works in NYC…random. Anyway, I was asked to use I really didn’t like it. Its such a pain, their engine re-sizes images in a nonsensical way and it’s infuriating! Some other client (who I guess must remain unnamed) is being useless as usual too. You’ll hear nothing from them and then they wan’t everything done..yesterday. They just don’t seem to understand communication. Anyway, they want loads of work done super urgent, but they’d not sent through any assets until today…and the disc they sent wasn’t even written correctly. Check the disc before you send it for gods sake! Sheeesh!

I also bought some cheap headphones today. I’m an idiot. Cheap headphones always suck. Always. These are no exception.


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