Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

New wheels

I bought a bmx last night. I always wanted a bmx when I was in school…well now i’ve got one…10 years behind schedule maybe, but better late than never. Got a real purdy Subrosa Salvador. Its real smooth. I went bombing round town, dodging traffic and doing lame bunny hops up curbs and banks and whatever. So much fun. I’ve been meaning to get a bmx for weeks after my flat mate got one, but funds have been tight. Anyway now we can go cruise around, bruising ourselves whilst opening up the city. Party this weekend…can’t bleedin’ wait.

oh and I finally got round to watching Withnail and I. I’m so pissed that I didn’t watch it earlier…eeermazing! Bloody love it…though it made me want to be an alchoholic slighlty…I ended up making Vodka squash….all I had was some robinsons to wash down the ASDA smart price meths! classy


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