Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

Back on it

I’ve been in my new job over a month now, slowly improving my photoshop and biscuit eating skills. It’s wierd being behind a desk, but i’ve got two whole monitors to edit on which is positively marvelous. I hate using my laptop at home now. The work’s been going well and feels fairly relaxed which is good. I’m getting back into Flash a bit more now, some of the Flash work about just blows me away. I’ve felt the need to whack shedloads of sites in lately. The two shiniest gems i found were Digitailc and Nectar Studios…pimped! In general though, the first month has been rad, and theres been plenty of variety in the artwork.

I’ve also started cycling properly again over the last month. Living in the city centre, I feel a definate need to go blow off some steam and get away from concrete occasionally. I’ve been riding over the moors east of Manc and down south of the city quite a lot. It’s nice exploring a new area and keeps the rides interesting. The hills out east are great, over out by Holmfirth there’s some cracking long climbs and fun descents. For a while, being in the city put me off cycling, but Manchester’s a pretty sweet base for cycling. I kinda enjoy riding in traffic now, it’s good for bike handling skills, and its not that bad really. I wanted to join a club so i’ve been on a couple of rides with the Manchester Wheelers, which have been great. I’d forgotten what a difference riding in a group makes, its so easy to rack up the miles! Plus the guys and gals riding when i’ve been along have been absolutely top..real nice folk.

I’ve been enjoying my cycling so much lately that i’ve even invested in a new frame and forks…which obviously led to numerous other components being purchased. I don’t much care for the way in which bikes soak up pennies! Still, i’m staying bog standard and cheap..but well though out. Anway it’s being built up tomorrow! I’m rather excited! Still, my old steed held up well, four years and throusands of miles, all for £250! It’s not about the bike i guess…but still, i’ll be bloody glad when i get this new one made up!. My cranks won’t wobble from side to side!


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