Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

Helluva good day today. I drove back to to see the ‘rents last night as it dad’s birthday today. It’s nice to get a face full of free food occasionally. Anyway, I excavated my bike from the shed this morning and put in a newly trued rear wheel which finally has the right amount of spokes! After a quick clean up I went for my first ride of the year(My new city life didn’t bode well for training).

I was expecting the usual lung burning, leg searing, painfully slow sort of ride I normally enjoy after a long break. Instead I felt bloody amazing. So wierd. I just felt so fresh, my legs feel really good. I rode out into farmer-ville/tractor-central and headed for a set of hills nearby which we call the Sheep-Walks. Usually its pretty grim riding, its a steep, narrow, often muddy climb with a healthy amount of blind corners to sap momentum. Today though, with my magical legs made of chocolate, biscuits and pizza, I reached the top with a massive grin on my face. Still feeling suitably fresh I turned around, rode back down and proceeded to climb it again. I rode out round some of my old training routes and felt real comfortable on the bike. This has never happened at the start of a season before! I could get used to it! My off season conditioning appears to be paying off…a lot more than I’d hoped.

I enjoyed testing my legs so much that I carried on riding, paying no attention to the meagre breakfast I’d had over 3 hours prior to the ride. I paid. The last 5 or so miles were pretty slow and felt decidedly sickly. Still, super happy at this turn of events. I can see some good training happening this year.

woop woop!


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