Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

This week has been rather eventful! We had some uni friends up to visit on Tuesday which was rad. I’d forgotten just how much fun we all have together. Went out for food, then out into town afterwards to throw some shapes. It was a heavy, heavy night! I’m somewhat proud of the fact that I retained the mental fortitude required to mix a big bottle of squash and prepare a delightful chicken sandwich to lessen the severity of the consequences. I managed to wake up and get myself into work, where i stayed for nigh on twelve and a half hours!

What a day it was though. It was enjoyably busy but still quite chilled. Matthew Williamson and his entourage were in doing interviews and preparing for the launch party (for his new exhibition ‘Matthew Williamson: Ten Years In Fashion‘ at Urbis)to be held in the evening. Its great when there’s things like this going on at work, its nice to gleam a bit more of an insight into the subject matter of the exhibitions. He seemed nice enough. The same can’t be said for some of the party-goers…hell of a lot of pretentious folk about…still some eye candy too so can’t complain.

Anywhoo, the best part of the day…I received a phone call from an Advertising and Design agency I wrote to a while back. They liked my photography and site and want me to rustle up some design/layout work to see what I’m capable of. I like this type of phone call…makes me 🙂

Its definately better than the other interview I was offered this week at an advertising & design….hhhh hmmmm sorry, telesales agency.

Slimey faux business-like American: “Sooo you wan’ a jawb in telesales promotion”
Me: “Actually I applied for the creative advertising role you advertised”
Slimey faux business-like American: “Well thaat’s not what we dooo…I’m sorry”
Me: “….Righhht!”

Bleedintime wasters! I hate telesales…almost as much as I hate Belgium. I really hate Belgium….well at least I hate their roads. Swimming pool sized pot holes and rats like badgers!



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