Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

I’ve been hatching plans. I’ve had the idea of a charitable, subversive media company in my head for a while now. Fake photojournalism and paparazzi style shots sold to papers and mags, conveying a message whilst earning money for various causes. Now it needs newsworthy subjects to get involved, but if I could get it running then word-of-mouth should see me through. It’s all win win. Celebs get a cosy warm feeling from doing good, whilst undermining publications or hijacking them as a form of communication. Publications get an interesting story and photos to run with it. Charities get large lumps of cash from the sale of images and a chance to communicate through an otherwise expensive channel.

An example:

  • Celebrity is pictured helping an elderly person who has fallen in the street
  • Celeb appears as a good person & role model
  • Cosy, cuddly, warm hearted story to sell to the media
  • Money for story and images goes to selected charity
  • Readers get a dose of good morals and something other than half-cut, post club shots to gawp at

It’s all win win. I’m thinking through a series of setups…some just plain daft to grab front pages but also some showing good moral behaviour to the often impressionable readers of gossip mags and tabloids.

I really think this stuff could work. It’d be great to be producing something subversive that cuts through some of the trash being published these days.


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