Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

Posting this from work as it’s been a super busy (yet hugely unproductive) week! Had some friends up to visit which was great but my workflow and bank balance have taken a severe hit! We took a wierd and wonderful trip up to Leeds on Tuesday to see Buck 65. Supporting him was this incredible poet by the name of C.R. Avery. Sort of a bluesy/hip-hop-esque, harmonica wielding, beatboxing comedian! Crazy stuff! Buck was tip-top too and the night finished in fine style with drinks on the train back to Manchester followed by bars, karaoke and money lost in a Casino!

I did however figure out some new post processing trickery after geeking out on Joey Lawrences work for far too long. That kid has far too much talent! I’ll be putting my new found tricks through their paces on some stock stuff this week.

In other news I also spotted a beautiful old Nikon SB-24 strobe for £29.99 on my way home from work!!! It now resides in my kit bag.


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