Manchester Based Photographer, Illustrator & Designer

Right! Time to re-inject a bit of life into my old blog. Its been a long time since I started posting images. What with Flickr, Photoshelter and my website I think I’m set with the visual self-indulgence, so time to focus on some writing. I’m on a bit of a mish at the moment. I need to start drawing through payed photographic work to pay some bills. I’ve just requested to drop my week days in the gallery where I work so I’d best get my act together sharpish!

It’ll be good to have a bit more time free for my own work. I’ve been editing shedloads of late, working more with textures and illustrative techniques to pimp my pics! But I spent a fair ol’ while creating my new personal site in an effort to up my prospects. It always amazes me how long it takes to try and make things look simple! Check it out at if you strayed upon this page from elsewhere.

Hopefully my new found poverty will also prove a catalyst in improving my D.I.Y. skills. I produced a rad little ringflash’esque light modifyer the other night after stopping by Strobist for some inspiration! I used a chocolate tin, some polystyrene, a paper plate and lots of gaffer tape! It works amazingly! I’ll post some piccies of it soon as I’m somewhat proud!

In other news, some of the good folk working at Urbis, Manchester are starting up a Greater Manchester artists collective in order to get some work exhibited. Its early days and the new site is yet to go live but check out ‘Banded’ sometime in the future. Need to get a body of work sorted to submit, and a creative c.v. (which is looking decidedly sparse).


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